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Duane Goossen: Tax cuts had no business plan

Endorsed by the Sierra Club, Kansas Realtors PAC, NRA Political Victory Fund, Kansas State Rifle Association Political Action Committee
Brownback's Fiction: More Money for Education
Also fund raiser at Tony & Rhonda White's from 7:00-9:00 pm on Thursday sept 4.  Lem Sheppard will provide music. $20  suggested contribution. 
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Governor's experiment wallops rural property taxpayers


Expert forecast: Kansas will be in the red within a year without changes


Eagle editorial: Revenue drop a disaster

Bleeding Jobs
Kansas own economic benchmarks are not being met
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Income Tax Cuts Won't Create Small Business Jobs
Governor's numbers come under question
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Citizens for Higher Education
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After serving six years in the Kansas Legislature and losing a close (155 votes) re-election bid four years ago, my family and I were ready for a break from public service.  We enjoyed two quiet years, but as the proposals, decisions and laws coming out of Topeka became more and more extreme, I realized that my service to Kansas was not yet finished.

Our Governor and conservative legislative leaders do not have the right priorities.  Kansas Moderates and Democrats have better priorities.  We put education first, make certain wealthy corporations pay their fair share, and focus on making the economy work for working families.
I will fight to restore the cuts in education and social services.  I will work for tax fairness and opportunities of ALL Kansans, not just the wealthy.  The conservative majority in the Statehouse right now has exactly the wrong priorities.  They’ve cut education too much, and we’ve got to fix that.
The reckless tax policy recently signed into law by our governor during the two years I was not in the legislature is bankrupting our state.  Supporters claim revenue will be created by “growing jobs”, but in order for that policy to create enough revenue to offset their cuts, our state would have to create over 500,000 jobs with an average salary of $50,000 per year.  My friends, as much as I would like to believe that will happen, you and I know it won’t.
I am running for State Representative because we need an experienced voice with legislative leadership experience that consistently reflects the values of our community. This recession, one of the worst in Kansas history, has had a profound impact on the people of our community. When times are tough, strong leadership is needed to set priorities, make hard decisions, and think about the future. As Kansans, we take pride in our strong communities, excellent public schools, and prosperous businesses. Challenges lie ahead to maintain the quality of life that we have come to treasure. To these challenges I bring first-hand, long-term leadership, experience and perspective.

SEK is currently represented by 6 legislators with 2 years of legislative experience or less.   Now is not the time to trade experience and knowledge of how to navigate our complicated legislative system for a new face.  Sek needs the relationships I've built in both the house and senate over the past decade, even while out of office for two years. 


In addition, these past two years I have served as the house minority whip, being elected by my peers just weeks after returning to the legislature.  I plan to continue on this leadership path to gain attention and respect for our region, if re elected.


Finally, with the T-Works program half over, it is time to begin discussions on the next comprehensive transportation program.  Of the six or so legislators who crafted the transportation bill, only two of us are still in the legislature.  We need a strong, knowledgable voice at the table for SEK when the transportation discussion takes place. I AM that voice, having served 8 years on transportation, having served as the only legislator on the long range policy committee for transportation, and having not only helped craft the T-Works program but also the funding mechanism that made the program a reality.


At this point in time, my experience is invaluable and exactly what SEK needs to grow our economy, protect our transportation funds and projects, and implement a plan to restore education funding at all levels .

Thank you for your interest in my campaign. As the campaign moves forward I welcome the opportunity to seeing members of the community and to meeting those of you I don't already know. Be looking for me this spring, summer, and fall as I walk our neighborhoods. I am eager to visit with you and discuss what makes sense for our community and ways we can work together to improve this great state. Please contact me about issues on which I may be able to help. And I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, November 4th. Thank you.